Speed Sensor Adapter CSS -> VSS

Provide correct signal to dashboard from gearbox with Countershaft Speed Sensor (Accord 03+, Civic 05+)

*For K series swap into EG, EK, DB etc.

Converter GM FlexFuel -> 0-5V

Convert GM Sensor PWM input into Alalog for HondaVert S300 FlexFuel support

*For runing E85 Setups

CoilPack Retrofit for distributor based engines

92-00 Integra DA/DB/DC
88-00 Civic EF/EG/EH/EJ/EK/MA/MB
92-00 Domani
92-01 Prelude IV/V Gen
93-01 Accord V/VI Gen CC/CD/CE/CF/CG/CH
98-01 Torneo

Other L4 Distributor based Engines

*S300 and OBD1 ECU required for functional