HondaVert preCAN daughter board for Honda Accord, Element, CR-V and Acura RSX ECU, which significantly expands capacity of it.
Datalog, RealTime Programming, Launch Control, Boost Control, Nitrous Control and more. Fully retains all vehicle systems. ABS, VSA, Gauges, Climate control and etc.

HondaVert preCAN compatible with the following cars

This solution is suitable for vehicles:

  • 05-06 Acura RSX Facelift
  • 03-07 Honda Accord USA (CM4-CM8)
  • 03-06 Honda Element

Also you can install ECU with preCAN board to the following cars:

  • 03-07 Honda Accord EuroR JDM
  • 03-07 Honda Accord EURO/JDM (CL7-CL9)
  • 03-07 Acura TSX I

After replacing ECU, Cruise control system, ABS, VSA stay functional.
For Accord EURO and Acura TSX with AT SportShift will be unavailiable.

HondaVert preCAN advantage

What sotware can I use?

  • KTuner
  • HV ECU Manager (under development)

All HondaVert preCAN devices compatible with KTuner

Software downloaded from other sites not compatible with HondaVert preCAN devices.

HondaVert preCAN can be installed to this type of ECU’s

HondaVert preCAN board Installation

KTuner HondaVert Pack Installation Guide

Registering New Account or Login into Existing Account

Register preCAN Device in Account and Lock to your ECU

preCAN LEDs meaning

Mechanical and Electronic throttle bodies differences

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